The Organized Sales Assistant
Customer Service
Communicating with Technology
Team Building
New Office Manager or Supervisor
Project Management

The Organized Assistant   (1 day)                      Register for:  April 24th     
Take your career to the next level.  This interactive and hands-on course will
show you how to get organized, stay motivated, and become more valuable as
an Administrative Assistant, secretary, or support staff member.  In just one
day you will learn how to effectively manage projects, improve communication,
and meet all your deadlines!  
NEW!!  Online webinar option - for groups (3-hours).                   

The Organized Sales Assistant   (1 day)
This fast paced course deals with your constantly evolving role as a Sales
Assistant.  Learn how to get organized, manage multiple priorities, prepare
client presentations, assist with prospecting/marketing (mailings, cold calls,
seminars), and effectively service your clients.  This course would also benefit
executive assistants or administrators working with Investment Advisors (IAs)
in the financial services industry.
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.

Customer Service   (1 or 2 days)                           
Are you frustrated by customers who just don’t understand or won’t listen to
you?  Find out how to get customers on your side and practice techniques to
diffuse even the most difficult situation.  This course is a must for Customer
Service Reps (CSRs), receptionists, sales people, or anyone working in the
retail and service industries.  
NEW!!  Online webinar option - for groups  (3-hours).                          
Business Skills Courses        

Our 1-day courses focus on administration, communication, and management.  Available as
group training or Deskside Support (one-on-one) onsite at your office.  A comprehensive
reference manual is included with all courses.          

Courses can be fully customized to include your company needs and objectives.  Looking for
affordable employee training across office locations - consider an online

1 year FREE telephone/email support on all 1-day courses.
Please note you will need Adobe Reader to view Course Outlines.  
To download Reader please click the icon.

Communicating with Technology   (1/2 day or 1 day)
Find out how to communicate appropriately with technology, using email,
voicemail, cell phone, fax, and PDA.  Maintain your professionalism by following
Do's & Don'ts and avoid miscommunication.  Learn valuable
technology tips for Microsoft Outlook.
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.
* This course works well in a 1/2 day format - perfect for large offices to offer a
morning and afternoon session for your employees.  

Team Building   (1 or 2 days)
This dynamic course explores effective communication and interpersonal
relationships.  Learn how to assert yourself and influence decisions.  Practice
team building techniques to improve your work environment.
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.
* Ask us about our
Team Building Experiences, we can organize a fun, exciting,
interactive, and one-of-a-kind experience for your team - think Amazing Race!

Presentation Skills (Train-the-Trainer)   (1 or 2 days)
Have you been asked to speak at your next company meeting, or has your
role changed to include training?  Presenting to fellow employees or clients can
be overwhelming.  In this interactive course you will deliver your own 5 minute
presentation and receive feedback from the instructor and class.  Learn
techniques to build confidence and further develop your own presentation style.
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.
* We can train your employees to roll-out a new internal training program.

We have partnered with:
Ignite Success
Ignite Success develops innovative and inspiring training & development
programs for individuals and organizations looking to achieve greater results
and satisfaction in the work that they do. We offer specialized public programs
in communication, management, leadership, and engagement skills that help
to build better work environments and high-performing teams.
DiSC Communications Training | Interview Coaching | Employee Orientation    
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The Organized Assistant
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Records Management
Work/Life Balance
Time & Priority Management

New Office Manager or Supervisor   (1 or 2 days)
This course is designed for new Managers or Supervisors who need to quickly
and easily manage their new role with confidence.  Learn how to plan your day,
influence your team, delegate projects, and run meetings.  Build your toolkit of
leadership skills through practical ‘real life’ scenarios and techniques.
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.

Project Management   (1 or 2 days)
Complete your projects - on time and on budget.  Learn how to implement the
5-Step Model, with tools to organize your project from start to finish.  This is an
entry-level course on project planning, a must for new Managers or Supervisors,
and administrators with increasing responsibilities.  Includes brief overview of  
Microsoft Project.
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.

Records Management   (1 day)                           
Learn specific tips and strategies for organizing electronic records and paper
files, including Outlook email folders.  Find out how to adapt your current
system so that it works for you.  Implement folder structures, naming
conventions and filing procedures.  Save time, money, and valuable space!
* This course if only offered onsite for your internal teams.
NEW!!  Online webinar option - for groups (3-hours).

Time & Priority Management   (1 or 2 days)       
Are you losing focus and feeling stressed out?  Can’t seem to find time to do
everything each day?  This powerful course will show you how to manage your
day, maximize your time, and achieve measurable results.  Don’t waste
another minute!
* This course works well in a 1 or 2 day format.  
Day 1: Time & Priority Management and Day 2: Microsoft Outlook.  
NEW!!  Online webinar option - for groups (3-hours).  

Work/Life Balance   (1 day)
Achieve real balance at work and home, and between friends and family.  Find
out how to manage stress and juggle multiple roles within your busy schedule.  
Tips for ending each day with a sense of accomplishment.  Learn how to
redirect your energy and focus on what really counts - YOU!
* This course is only offered onsite for your internal teams.
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