Easily convert manuals and orientations to an online format for web viewing or cd distribution -
ideal for
New Hire, Safety Procedures, Compliance, Technical, and Employee Performance
programs.  They can include text, audio/video, animation, and your company branding and

Looking for affordable employee training across office locations - consider an online webinar.  
All courses can be taken as
webinars, either 1/2 day or 1 day formats for your group.  We host
a variety of Computer (Microsoft) webinars.  It's a great way to learn new skills in just 60+
mins per session.  All you need to attend is your telephone and Internet access (high speed
recommended).  A list of scheduled dates can be found on our
Webinars page.  

Conduct online meetings for employees, prospects, and customers.  Perform live sales demos
and share documents in real time.  Record for future playback for web viewing or CD
distribution.  Our webinars and electronic presentations are ideal for company announcements,
marketing presentations, press releases, and more.  

We develop training that combines multiple types of media, known as blended learning.  This
refers to a combination of instructor-led (classroom) and self-paced (online) training.  Blended
learning works well as there is usually a range of knowledge, job descriptions, and skill sets
among learners.  We work closely with you to integrate existing content into the design
process.  There are many benefits to blended learning including access, flexibility,
cost-effectiveness, and multiple delivery methods.  

More info on Blended Learning can be found on our
Resources page.    

Courses can be designed to include one or more of the following modules.  Each module has a
set of defined learning objectives, outcomes, and evaluation tools.

Fully customized, integrate your existing content, or build from a template.

Case Study
An example business scenario, with questions.

Practice realistic situations in an interactive, step-by-step format.

Test knowledge through various question types (ie. true/false, multiple choice).

Convert a training presentation to an electronic/web format, using various media.

Depending on the course type, and other design factors, we can recommend an appropriate
"blend" of delivery methods.  Consider converting your existing content to an online format.

CBT - Computer-based Training
Typically delivered on CD, or when an internet connection is not available.

WBT - Web-based Training
Delivered online using the internet or company intranet.  Self-paced or instructor-led.

May include media such as CD, DVD, internet, intranet, audio/video, and TV.

Manuals, reference cards, instructor notes.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs)
We can host an online learning environment, or help develop your company intranet.
More info on Learning Management Systems can be found on our
Resources page.

Our solutions are structured  to best suit the needs of our clients and development partners.  
We support general eLearning standards, including AICC and SCORM.
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